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Bob Etheridge (D-umbass) Grabs Kid Reporter

Posted by Anthony on June 14, 2010

Never in America would I ever think to see such a horrifying display of aggression and total loss of common sense. Never.

It seems that CNN is trying to defend him by saying:

Later in the video, which has clearly been edited, Etheridge is seen grabbing the wrist of one of the men and again repeatedly asking, “Who are you?…Tell me who you are.”

Who cares if it was edited? Like that could possibly justify a CONGRESSMAN grabbing a kid’s neck?

“I have a right to know who you are,” Etheridge responded, still firmly gripping the man’s wrist. The Democrat then briefly grabbed the individual’s neck before letting him go.

He sure as hell does not have a right to assault someone.


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Twitter Observations: #tcot and #p2

Posted by Anthony on June 13, 2010

There is a heated mass of chaos, profanity, and music on Twitter, especially for “#tcot” and “#p2”.

#tcot is “Top Conservatives on Twitter”, or something like that; “#p2” is the liberal alternative. It’s amazing how hateful people on both channels can get. I don’t expect world peace or anything close to Imagine on Twitter, but come on! The usual birth certificate comments on Obama stem from a few in #tcot who can’t seem to let that paranoid fantasy go. People, it’s been over a year since he entered the White House. Get over it.

The avatars from #p2 are despicable, but these are the nutroots-ultra liberal, and ultra ignorant. Some form of blaming Bush resides in, oh, every third or fourth comment you view. Their vernacular consists of “teabagger” and “Hatriot”. Pathetic rats reside in #p2. You’ve been warned.

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