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An Unexpected Cover

Posted by Anthony on June 22, 2010

I just discovered this, and WOW is all I can say.


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Hypocrisy: The Right and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Posted by Anthony on June 15, 2010

For years and years, faux conservatives in the Republican Party have touted fiscal responsibility. Reagan boasted about tax cuts and government inefficiency, but exploded the US defense budget. He may be praised by a large majority of conservatives, but Reagan was not a fiscal conservative at all. Bush was a mess of epic proportions.

Conservatives, in general, abide by the idea that the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Therefore, with smaller, limited government, the citizens can do more. States can operate, for the most part, with little help from the federal government. So why are they giving Obama hell for the oil spill?

It took eight weeks for Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to order the National Guard to build miles of barriers along coastal waters to prevent oil from seeping into the marshes and land. Eight weeks? It should have taken eight days. Why wait for what BP has to say? Why wait for what the federal government has to say? Just do it!

As for the constant cries from conservatives, that Obama do something, he is in his own world right now. He has no experience handling disasters, and should be pressed on that. But to demand that he do something is irritating, because had he done something, you damn well know conservatives would be telling him to back off. But here, you are asking for more government! No matter what he does, the Right will screw him for it. This would have been a perfect opportunity for conservatives to show that they can create their own solutions without help from Obama. Instead, they stamp their feet on the ground, waiting for the solutions to come to them. And that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

In this situation, we have a clueless President stumbling for an answer. His arrogant statements of “plug the damn hole!” are exciting to the sheep in the media, but frustrating to the people. Then we have the proponents of limited government, demanding more government help. Such is life in politics.

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Bob Etheridge (D-umbass) Grabs Kid Reporter

Posted by Anthony on June 14, 2010

Never in America would I ever think to see such a horrifying display of aggression and total loss of common sense. Never.

It seems that CNN is trying to defend him by saying:

Later in the video, which has clearly been edited, Etheridge is seen grabbing the wrist of one of the men and again repeatedly asking, “Who are you?…Tell me who you are.”

Who cares if it was edited? Like that could possibly justify a CONGRESSMAN grabbing a kid’s neck?

“I have a right to know who you are,” Etheridge responded, still firmly gripping the man’s wrist. The Democrat then briefly grabbed the individual’s neck before letting him go.

He sure as hell does not have a right to assault someone.

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Flag Day

Posted by Anthony on June 14, 2010

233 years, how ’bout a million more, and a million more after that?

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Twitter Observations: #tcot and #p2

Posted by Anthony on June 13, 2010

There is a heated mass of chaos, profanity, and music on Twitter, especially for “#tcot” and “#p2”.

#tcot is “Top Conservatives on Twitter”, or something like that; “#p2” is the liberal alternative. It’s amazing how hateful people on both channels can get. I don’t expect world peace or anything close to Imagine on Twitter, but come on! The usual birth certificate comments on Obama stem from a few in #tcot who can’t seem to let that paranoid fantasy go. People, it’s been over a year since he entered the White House. Get over it.

The avatars from #p2 are despicable, but these are the nutroots-ultra liberal, and ultra ignorant. Some form of blaming Bush resides in, oh, every third or fourth comment you view. Their vernacular consists of “teabagger” and “Hatriot”. Pathetic rats reside in #p2. You’ve been warned.

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Politics Rips At My Heart

Posted by Anthony on June 11, 2010

Janis Joplin sympathizes.

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Anti-Incumbent “Fever”

Posted by Anthony on June 11, 2010

It arrives every couple election cycles. The dominant party gets cocky, pisses money away, and expects taxpayers to pay the bill. The other party hammers this point 24/7, and they move in. Then they piss money away, laugh at fiscal responsibility, and the other party seizes the momentum. It is anti-incumbent fever. Popularized by the increasingly popular TEA Party movement, anti-incumbent fever is the antidote to phony, out of reality politicians.

Or is it? It’s well known that yes, the American people have a strong dislike for big government. Obama is faring better, but the Hopium Craze of 2007-2009 is clearly over. But with other polls, half of America don’t care if a politician is an incumbent or not. Is this hype from grass roots efforts? Possibly. Kicking out incumbents is nothing new-certainly not worthy of all the media hype.

It must be said, however, that the status quo in Congress is worse than ever. Partisanship is more menacing than ever. The politicians are soaking in money from lobbyists for votes. The Republicans offer solutions, the Democrats shut them out. The people are pissed off. What you may not hear from Fox News is that Republican incumbents are 4% less favorable than Democrat incumbents. What are we to do?

Do not vote for any particular party. Reject “party loyalty”, whatever the hell that is. Disregard the little “D” or “R” or “I” at the end of a candidate’s name. Vote on what they will do, not what they “promise” to do. We’ve seen plenty of empty promises in the last two presidents alone to fill a goddamn landfill. Vote for the right guy and support him throughout the election. Spread the word, and spread it a lot because you know the big guys in the R and D departments have millions on top of their millions. Ignore your voting record; treat every candidate from a centrist view. Only when we acknowledge the deceit of politics, can we move forward with solutions. Weeding out the liars and frauds every election is a pain in the ass, and even then there will still be some clowns in suits taking your money.

But who said it would be easy?

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